by Aesthetic & Medical Doctor John Soo

HANA Aesthetic Clinic is founded by Dr Soo Fook Yum (John) who has more than 15 years of clinical experience and specializes in aesthetic and anti-aging treatment. At HANA Aesthetic Clinic, we put our passion to provide wellness and enhancing services to our customers, believing the inner beauty is within you.


About the Medical Director/Founder

Medical Director and Founder

DR JOHN SOO, M.B.B.S (Newcastle upon Tyne, UK) Dr John Soo obtained his medical degree from University of Newcastle Upon Tyne, UK and post-graduate Family Medicine qualification from the College of Family Medicine, Singapore. He has trained in various hospitals in Singapore and United Kingdom.

Dr John Soo is a strong advocate of the treatment of the human body in an integrative manner, rather than just treating the symptoms of a disease. He has a special interest in chronic disease management and age-management, which aims to prevent or delay diseases through lifestyle changes, dietary supplementation and hormonal re-balancing.

Dr John Soo has helped many patients to sustain high performance and recover from burn-out. Dr Soo has acquired the certificate of Competence in Aesthetic Medicine which is run by Dermatology Society of Singapore, National Skin Centre and Singapore Aesthetic Dermatology Educational Group (ADEG).

He has trained in Seoul at BK Surgery, Dermaster in Gangnam as well as with Dr Noh @ Leader’s Clinic. Dr Soo has a keen focus on non-invasive aesthetic procedures. Specializing in Botox, Fillers & Threads. He has also been using the newest technology utilizing PICO Second Laser to achieve incremental results, alongside with anti-aging techniques.

In his leisure time, he enjoys doing high intensity workouts, reading, spending time with his family and cooking. He is well known to his patients as a humble caregiver, a counselor and a good friend.

Medical Team

At HANA Aesthetic Clinic,  all of the medical staff put passion to provide wellness and enhancing services to our customers, believing the inner beauty is within you. We provide a wide range of facial and body treatment program, prioritizing to serve the promises to our patient. Our goal is always to provide the best natural result that comes from your own innate beauty.

Our Promise To You

This allows Dr Soo to both treat a person from “inside-out” rather than just purely ‘outside-in”. This allows for a holistic approach.

High Quality Care

We are committed to providing high quality service and treatments with no compromise on safety with clinically proven technology and medical grade products.

Natural Results

Our treatment focuses on the foundation of natural beauty, believing the inner beauty is within you. We put our passion for customers to be able to achieve ‘natural beauty', and natural looking result in and out. We will take all necessary steps to ensure you are delighted with your best results.

Honesty and Integrity

As well as delivering exceptional natural results to our customers, we maintain a high degree of honesty and integrity. We take the time to consider your needs before recommending a personalized treatment program. We want our customers to be delighted with the natural result they can achieve without the need for expensive invasive surgery.

Comfortable Experience

We provide a comfortable and friendly environment with excellent customer service to ensure your ultimate comfort during your experience at HANA Aesthetic Clinic. We believe we can contribute to making a difference in the lives of our clients, empowering them with the confidence that is derived from the natural beauty of our clients. A visit to HANA Aesthetic Clinic immerses one into a homely and comfortable setting where your needs and wants are pampered. It is a place where there is no compromise in the delivery of superior health care.

Empower yourself with the confidence that is derived from the natural beauty within you. Reveal a brand new you with Dr.John today!

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