by Aesthetic & Medical Doctor John Soo

HANA Aesthetic Clinic is founded by Dr Soo Fook Yum (John) who has more than 15 years of clinical experience and specializes in aesthetic and anti-aging treatment. At HANA Aesthetic Clinic, we put our passion to provide wellness and enhancing services to our customers, believing the inner beauty is within you.

Clinical Peels

Clinical peels- Ultra Jessner /TCA

Ideal For: Enlarged Pores, Pigmentation, General Rejuvenation

We can help you achieve a soft and clear skin with the careful use of chemical peels. Our Ultra-Jessner peel is an effective way to treat both pigmentation as well as dull skin. Many of our patients also report an improvement of pores and a brightening effect. The texture is improved as new collagen is formed and as the ‘old’ upper layers of skin is removed, revealing a nice ‘baby smooth’ skin from below.

Should one have ice-pick scars from acne scarring , at Hana aesthetics we do a TCA Cross whereby a TCA peel is used at high concentrations on ‘spots’ to break down the scar tissue and allow the depression in the skin to heal up and ‘float’ up to the surface.

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