by Aesthetic & Medical Doctor John Soo

HANA Aesthetic Clinic is founded by Dr Soo Fook Yum (John) who has more than 15 years of clinical experience and specializes in aesthetic and anti-aging treatment. At HANA Aesthetic Clinic, we put our passion to provide wellness and enhancing services to our customers, believing the inner beauty is within you.

Thread Lifting / Nose Thread

Thread Lifting / Nose Thread

Ideal For: Facial Line Enhancement, Contouring, Volumizing, Saggy Facial Structure

Used to enhance the nose bridge and shape of the nose. It can also lift the area of concerns of saggy facial structures. It can be used in conjunction with fillers to create a nice subtle enhancement of the sunken parts of the cheeks, temples and the forehead.

Hana Aesthetics Nose Augmentation Nose Thread is a non-surgical technique to enhance the bridge of the nose and augment the tip. It usually takes 10-15 mins to complete and is considered a lunch time procedure. The threads area from KOREA and is very popular there. We use PDO (polydioxanone) threads which dissolve over time creating a stimulatory effect to produce collagen. This allows for an even greater enhancement to the nose and a modest tightening effect.

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